Quinoa Smoothie
  • Cow’s milk-free and lactose-free

    Take care when a product is marked lactose-free; it may still contain cow’s milk proteins because it is possible to buy lactose-free milk.

  • Egg-free

    Does not contain eggs, but where a recipe does contain eggs, they can often be replaced by an egg substitute.

  • Fish-free

    The recipe does not contain fish.

  • Gluten-free

    Made from flour from which the gluten has been removed, or which has been made low in gluten and free of cereals such as wheat, rye, spelt or kamut.

  • Nut-free

    This refers to actual nuts. It may be confusing, but peanuts are not included in this group!

  • Peanut-free

    Peanuts are in fact legumes that grow under the ground.

  • Shellfish and crustacean-free

    The recipe does not contain any shellfish or crustaceans.

  • Soya-free

    but be careful with vegetarian variants of dishes, because soya is often incorporated into vegetarian meat substitutes.

Exotic Quinoa smoothie

Serves 1; 5 minutes
1/2 cup
150 ml
soy milk 
100 g
100 g
2 tsp
grated coconut
1 tbsp Vanilla


Tip: Experiment with different types of fruit and different types of fruit juice or water instead of soy milk. And why not try a green smoothie made from fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice and a leafy green vegetable (such as spinach)? A green smoothie tastes good, is healthy and makes you feel fit and energised! 


  • Blender


  • Boil the precooked Quinoa in 3-5 minutes until done. Follow the instructions on the back of the packaging. 
  • Pour the soy milk into the blender and add the pineapple, mango, grated coconut and the vanilla.
  • Mix to make a nice velvety smoothie.  

Nutritional value per person

  • 426 Kcal
  • 59 g Carbohydrates
  • 12 g Protein
  • 14 g Fat
  •   8 g Dietary fibre