Paul's Quinoa Meal with Ratatouille

Meal — 250 gram

Paul’s Quinoa ready meals large are prepared with only premium quality, 100% natural, certified organic and certified gluten-free ingredients. All ready meals large are shelf stable and ready-to-eat in 2 minutes (microwaveable cups). So enjoy Paul’s Quinoa ready meals large whenever you wish, wherever you are. Our ‘Ratatouille’ ready meal large is prepared with cooked Quinoa, cooked vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, peeled tomato and onion) and herbs & spices. Warm up in the microwave, grab a spoon and enjoy! 


Paul’s Quinoa ready meals give you a boost, whenever you wish (or need ), wherever you are. Available in two sizes (regular and large), Paul’s Quinoa ready meals help you to refresh your mind.

Paul's Quinoa Ratatouille Dinner

Nutritional value per 100g

361 kJ (86 kcal)
2,8 g
13,2 g
- of which sugars:
3,3 g
2,0 g
- saturated fat:
0,3 g
Dietary fibre:
2,1 g
0,87 g

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