Paul's vision

We consider Quinoa to be a premium ingredient, with the potential to make food healthier. More and more people are willing to eat healthier food, although they claim to have less time to cook. We identify a fast growing demand for healthy, convenience and ready-to-eat food. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to develop and to grow a Quinoa category in mass market retail and to become category leader in Europe and in the US before the end of 2020.



Paul's mission

Our purpose is to help people with a busy life to eat healthier food (organic, gluten free, veggie), by developing healthy, convenience and ready-to-eat Quinoa products, with respect for fellow man and Mother Nature.


Paul’s Firm Belief in Fairtrade 

We invest in our co-ops and in our co-workers, as our co-ops and our co-workers enable us to develop our premium quality organic Quinoa products, that add value to retail categories and that help people eat healthier food. 

We are committed to full transparency about all efforts we put in developing our value chain, informing both our customers as well as end-consumers about our investments in supporting our co-ops and in developing the very best quality of organic Quinoa products. We share the opinion that only a Fairtrade logo on packaging is not sufficient proof for a fairtrade way of doing business.

In order to claim a real fairtrade way of doing business, we aim to re-invest a percentage of our turnover in our co-ops, helping them to increase their yield and to improve their quality of life. We firmly believe that our fairtrade way of doing business, combined with our premium quality of organic Quinoa products, will result in loyal Paul’s Finest Quinoa consumers.